1. Is the whole complex for sale?

The complex is available for sale only as a whole.

2. How large is each villa?

Each villa is 150m2. Each villas includes 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 living room areas, and a private patio.

3 . Is the property finished?

The property is semi-finished. It offers the possibility for a pool.

4. Is it located in a convenient area?

The property is located in one of the most convenient areas of Andros. Close to Gavrio, the main port of the island connected to the capital (Athens) as well as to gorgeous sandy beaches that are well-protected from the rough Cycladic wind.


Should you be interested in a viewing, please contact us via email at penelope11@aol.com.

4 villas complex in Andros island (Agios Petros village) available for sale.

Andros is the northernmost island of the Greek Cyclades archipelago. It is for the most part mountainous, with many fruitful and well-watered valleys.

The property is surrounded by a perfect balance of Cycladic vegetation and traditional white cube houses clustered together at the slopes of the hills, overlooking the deep blue waters of the Aegean.

In close proximity, some golden beaches can be found that offer great protection from the Cycladic wind as well as the amazing old tower of Agios Petros.

From here one can also reach the Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi, many fine sandy beaches, and some villages such as Fellos, Makrotantalos, Amolochos, which used to be the capital of the area during Turkish occupation, Chartes, Varidi, Kalivari, Yides, Kalokerini and Vitali.